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Courier service sector trends

Many couriers have become used to same-day delivery of important documents as a main source of work. These days though, this has largely taken a back seat to other sources such as online stores. eBay and Amazon, for example, provide a huge amount of work for many couriers, and a good number of couriers tailor their services to meet demand from these areas and buyers/sellers across the country.

Some smaller courier services bid online for courier jobs, using websites like Shiply that were built with these services in mind.

Technological advancements

It has become easier, and it’s getting easier as time moves forward, for consumers to book and make use of courier services. There are several specialist sites, for example, that allow individuals to book collections and deliveries, while PayPoint Collect+ makes returns easier for consumers, and also to have parcels delivered to a local store. Developments like this are continuing to make consumers lives that little bit easier, and the courier that takes advantage of these trends is going to find themselves a step ahead – if this is a part of the sector they wish to be involved in.

Online comms technology has also made it easier for packages to be tracked, in real-time. Our own system at Speed Couriers allows customer access so they can see for themselves the progress of consignments.

The economy

The late 2000s saw an economic downturn and a sharp one at that. Harsh conditions continued right into the 2010s. It wasn’t all bad news though, not for couriers. While the UK’s high streets suffered, online retailers continued to make profits. More and more shoppers looked to online stores to save money. The explosion in smartphone ownership boosted e-commerce too as the number of people using their phones to shop online began to rise.

2013 saw the economy starting to grow again, finally, and by 2018-19 you’d be forgiven for forgetting there was an economic crisis, to begin with.

Pump prices

One dark cloud in the sky approaching the courier industry is the expected rise in fuel prices, after recent dips. Fuel prices, normally, rise ahead of inflation every year but 2021 is expected to be particularly difficult for the motorist as world economies begin to stabilise again following the recent pandemic.

‘pay as you ride’ pricing for our roads is looking more likely to be introduced on major roads. Perhaps not soon, but possibly in the next couple of years.

There is a rising number of courier companies

Government figures show us that the number of companies that are involved in courier services has gone up in the last few years. This just highlights the fact that the need, or demand, for courier services is strong and getting stronger.

For the consumer this a great thing, as it means more choice – and that’s always a good thing if approached correctly. Knowing how to spot a good courier is important, and that is why Speed Courier is the number one in the North West – our customers know quality, trustworthy services when they see them.

If you need award-winning courier services, let’s talk.

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