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Clash of The Private Couriers

Whether you’re a small business owner or have simply sold some items on eBay or Amazon, getting the delivery elements right is one of the most important challenges of all. The upshots of those decisions can influence everything from profit margins to customer satisfaction levels as well as your efficiency of time. So, while at a glance it may seem like a secondary issue, mastering this aspect is a priority. 

For most senders, the choice between Royal Mail and private courier firms is top of the agenda. Let’s find out which is better. 

What Should You Want From a Delivery Service? 

Before picking the right service for your needs, it’s imperative that you list your demands. After all, the delivery service will essentially represent your business throughout the crucial process of transit, which is why all of the following are required; 

  • Products arrive at the customer’s door in perfect condition. 
  • Products arrive quickly. 
  • Products are insured in case of problems during transit. 
  • Products will actually be accepted by the delivery service regardless of weight. 
  • Products are delivered without costing you a fortune. 

While there are other less important features to consider too, ticking those five boxes is key. 

Which Service Should You Choose? 

The Royal Mail is often the ‘go to’ solution, especially for people that don’t require those services too often. In most situations, especially for businesses, the private courier alternative is the better option. Here are just some of the reasons why; 

  • A good private courier service will come to you, saving valuable time in business. 
  • Not limited to the 30kg weight restrictions imposed by the Royal Mail service. 
  • Transit insurance offers far greater coverage at no extra cost. 
  • The potential to use flexible payment options. 
  • Services can be adapted to suit your needs, including linking different internal business premises. 
  • Often more affordable, particularly when being used regularly in business. 
  • Products are handled by the same person(s) throughout the whole transit process. 
  • Using private couriers can create a better impact and gain a better response from clients. 

When you get it right, the private courier option provides greater convenience and improved quality at a better cost. If that doesn’t encourage you to change your approach to delivery by trading the Royal Mail for private courier services, nothing will. 

How to Find a Great Courier 

One of the main reasons for choosing the Royal Mail is that you can be sure of the service you’re getting. When dealing with private couriers, it’s important to remember that not all companies are the same. Therefore, choosing a service that’s right for you is vital. 

Here at Speed Couriers, we guarantee a fast, affordable, and reliable service. With products insured for up to £10,000 and two-many delivery teams ensuring that items arrive in perfect condition, this truly is everything you could need from a courier service.  


No job is too big or small, so give us a call to discuss your needs today on 0161 877 2000. We deliver the goods!  

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