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Christmas Shopper Types

We are all different when it comes to our shopping techniques at Christmas time. But, what kind of Christmas shopper are you? Are you someone who finds themselves constantly doing a last minute dash to the stores or are you extremely organised with all of your Christmas gifts bought a month in advance? Do you prefer to browse online or check out the items you’re after in person? In this article, we are describing some of the most common shopping styles.

The Early Bird:

The Early bird is prepared for Christmas way in advance. All of the buying and wrapping has been done and dusted. If you’re reading this with a smile on your face you’re probably reading this knowing you have all of your presents tucked away already. This type of shopper looks and buys with others in mind throughout the entire year. This type of shopper won’t experience too much pressure in the lead up to Christmas; only burnt turkey could faze them!

The Last-Minute Shopper:

The last-minute shopper is the opposite to the early bird, they are the shoppers that are likely to be Christmas shopping right until the stores close on Christmas Eve. The case of a last-minute shopper doesn’t have to be so extreme that they are leaving it to the night before but they are still on the hunt one to two weeks before the goodies should have been handed over. Few people are brave enough to adopt this shopping style, in fact, it is commonly something that can’t be avoided for busybodies. Whilst you may think that last minute shopping is disastrous, it can work!

The Bargain Hunter:

These people go to great lengths to ensure that they bag themselves the products that they have their eye on at the best prices. Whether that be through taking part in big sale events such as Black Friday or heading down to a car boot sale. The success of a bargain hunter can only be achieved through research and time. This shopping style is a great way of unearthing interesting and thoughtful gifts.

The Creator:

This type of person likes to avoid the frenzy found in stores and online. Instead, they like to create gifts that are handmade. All that the creator needs to be successful is the right material and nimble fingers. The creator will not need to worry about being stuck in queues or breaking the bank. All handmade gifts are one of a kind and no two will ever be the same meaning that the creators can customise a gift based on the recipient’s personal tastes.

What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Remember, we operate a number of couriering services that can be invaluable during busy seasons. This includes our online guest booking service. This service allows you to enter all of your delivery preference quickly and securely. Our team aims to have your item collected within an hour of your request being processed through our system.

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