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Choosing the right packaging before shipping

It does not matter what you need to be shipped (so long as you are legally able to do so), the packaging itself needs to be appropriate. You would not try shipping a fragile item in just a thick polythene bag, would you?

If something needs to be kept cool or warm then again, the packaging material needs to be taken into consideration. Speed Couriers can ship just about anything for you, but we always recommend taking a very careful look at your packaging options first.

Packaging type

You should first take a good long look at the type of packing you need before you think of the material. Choose something appropriate for the item, taking into consideration a couple of things:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Number of loose parts, if any
  • fragility

Smaller, lighter items may be best in either an RSC (regular slotted carton) or a padded envelope if the item(s) is/are small enough. Most packages from smaller businesses are shipped in these, and they are suitable for most uses.

Easy-fold mailers are another popular option because they:

  • Are lightweight
  • Have a smaller profile
  • Can very often be posted through letterboxes

This type of packaging is easier on the eye and generally looks a little more professional – important if you do not have branded packaging for shipping. Suitable for smaller, thinner items like books, stacks of pamphlets or frames – they too are rather versatile.

Next up are the corrugated box option. Perfect if you are sending multiple items because they are much sturdier and can take more weight.

Front lock options are another consideration. If you are not sure what this box type is, these are the favoured method that video games console manufacturers, amongst others, prefer. For another example, think ‘pizza box’. These examples should serve as a reminder that this type of box comes in many different sizes. Also, they are easy to open – something to keep in mind if you choose this option.

Colour options

For actual shipping purpose, colour is not that much of a consideration (unless you ship to China, in which case Red is considered very lucky!). There are other aspects affected by colour, however.

The regular, light beige or brown is usually the most popular option because it is the most cost-effective – no dyes or coatings are used.

White coloured boxing looks more stylised than the regular, cheaper option, but dirt is more visible, and they do cost a little extra. If ‘clean-cut’ is the desired image, then this could be an option.

You could also, of course, choose branded packaging. While more expensive, this does offer an air of chic and sophistication that other options just cannot compete with.

With all of this being said, you should take some time and consider all of your packing options carefully (particularly if you need items kept cool or warm,  in which case polystyrene is very helpful and very sturdy).

Your choice of material can have a very strong impact on company image, costs and the relative safety of the items being shipped, so take your time.

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