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Choosing a courier: what to consider

Every business at some point needs to communicate with clients and suppliers via post or by sending items – from small letters to large deliveries and packages. In lots of ways, postal and courier services are an extension of your own customer service – it certainly reflects on your business if parcels and letters are delivered late or damaged. With that in mind, it’s important to really think about who you are trusting with this responsibility and take into account a few key factors in your decision making process. So how do you go about choosing the perfect courier for your business?

What do you need from your courier?

If you’re just sending the odd letter, then you might be happy using Royal Mail. However if you’re sending hundreds per day, or run an e-commerce business, then a courier could be a savvier and safer option. Consider what it is that you want from your courier service. A cheap, reliable option for small occasional jobs? Or an ongoing partnership which allows you to quickly and easily send parcels all over the country on a day to day basis without hassle or worry? It’s also important to think about the nature of your business and what you are sending. If you’re a laboratory or a fresh food company, choose a courier with expertise and a special service for medical or refrigerated goods.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better

Many businesses make snap decisions to go with large global couriers over local companies because they assume they will get a cheaper price and a better service – seduced by flashy tracking systems and international status. In actual fact, dealing with large companies can often be more stressful, especially if something goes wrong. What’s more, the service you receive is rather impersonal – you can never quite be sure who is going to be delivering your parcel and client testimonials tend to be varied. By choosing a long-established, experienced company (we’ve been going nearly 30 years), you can rest assured that you’re getting a genuine service from a business run by seasoned professionals who really care about what they do.


Of course money is an important aspect for any business – and many decisions do come down to costs. However if you are depending on your courier in any way, then this is an area you perhaps can’t afford to cut corners on. Luckily, you can often strike deals with couriers who offer packages tailored to clients who need their services often. When shopping around, gather a few quotes together and then assess them based on what is offered for each. You don’t want the cheapest – you want the best value for money.

Client testimonials

Once you have compiled a shortlist of the companies which fall within your price range and offer good value for money along with the services you need, it’s time to check out their credentials. One of the most accurate ways to judge a company’s reputation and experience is to take a look at their client testimonials – if you can’t find any, ask them for some you can look at or ask if you can approach their clients directly. A good company will be perfectly happy to oblige and that alone is a fantastic indicator of their integrity and service. It’s also good to look and see if the company is accredited by any organisations or has won any awards (we’re incredibly proud of the fact that we have won Courier Company of the Year twice and Regional Courier Company of the Year a whopping ten times!).

Looking for a partnership with a reliable, experienced courier? You can find details of our impeccable specialist services along with client testimonials and contact details here on our website.

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