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Car Customisation

“People can have the Model T in any colour- as long as it’s black.”

Henry Ford’s notion of design homogeneity has been long since dead in the eyes of car lovers. Customising a car is not only an extension of your individuality. By accentuating attention to detail, the most impressive features are showcased or re-imagined. Although, the painted front of custom work is sure to obscure decision-making. A simple rule of thumb to bear in mind is that customisation ultimately is a process. Take the time to start to consider all components from the chassis up. Expect that when customising at the forefront of your decisions should be the potential impact it has on both insurance and re-saleability.


Try to avoid being swayed by the glimmer of chrome-coated mechanisms. Although appearance and popularity play a major attributive role to modification it doesn’t equate to better overall performance. Momentarily overlook mods like turbo and superchargers. Draw your attention to a cold air intake system that will come as an inexpensive yet significant overhaul to your engines health. These systems provide denser air in the combustion chamber, which results in more power. It could be the term “cold air system” itself that does not cultivate thoughts of top performance but they take up a smaller amount of the space than the standard air box and most cases stand at a fraction of the price. They are quite literally a breath of fresh air for your car.

Another modification that can help your car operate better is a complete engine remap A.K.A chipping. With the possibility of improving control on a vehicles ignition, turbo boost, and air/fuel mixture, this can only better driving response. Plus it can be tailored to suit a specific make or model. Somewhat more synonymous with potential horsepower advances, a turbo. Consisting of two main components it not only increases the maximum speed that a car can reach but surprisingly can muffle sound levels too. Within the same classification of modification, the superchargers core function is analogous to that of the turbocharger. Superchargers carry the reputation of succeeding the turbo system in terms of power capacity. However, as it is linked to engine parasitic loss the supercharger takes a tumble in terms of efficiency.

The finishing touches:

The demand for exterior revamps and restoration has sparked recently following the rise of television programmes dedicated to both classic and down right wacky custom work. A custom paint job is visually one of the best ways to enhance car appearance, whether you go bright and bold or stick to a neutral palette. Continuing with paintwork, a simplistic pin stripe decal can finalise overall design and tends to bode well on classic cars without detracting from its past.

One of the best ways to increase resale value (should you choose to resell) is upgrading your wheel trims. Ensuring that your car takes centre stage when in action and stationary. And lets not neglect the interior. Popular upgrades include custom shirt knobs and replacing tired upholstery with plush fabrics and leathers. Complimenting the exterior with an internal theme parallels decorating your home space. Comfort and style are the main factors.

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