Can Dash Cameras Be Used To Reduce Road Crime?

Video technology has made significant headway in making our roads a safer place. In this article, we are exploring the truth behind this statement by highlighting some of the benefits dash cameras can have.

Watching your unattended vehicle

Some dash cameras can be left on standby and will only be fully turned on if it senses motion near to a vehicle. Not only will this capture drivers who may bump into a vehicle and leave the scene, but also people who may be looking to break into or steal a car.

Insurance scams

Many people have installed dash cams to combat “crash for cash” scams.  A new scam named “flash for cash” has been brought to light with seemingly friendly drivers flashing an oncoming car to allow them to pass only to drive straight into them. Dashboard cameras have enabled drivers to document crashes with other drivers. The victims can use this evidence to help claim insurance if the crash was in any way malicious.

Hit and runs

According to the Department for Transport figures, approximately 12%, or 17,122, of the 140,056 road traffic accidents causing casualties in 2015 involved a hit-and-run incident. This is an increase from a rate of just over 10%, or 16,667 in 2014. With hit and runs becoming a large concern in the UK the installation of a dash camera will mean you are looking out for yourself and fellow drivers. They can provide critical evidence and help solve a case that would otherwise run cold.

A record of events

Drivers often have completely different recollections of an accident. Video can prove that a person wasn’t responsible for a car crash and will save them from being found at fault by an insurance company. This also reduces the likelihood of insurance rates rising for someone who is innocent. Dash cam footage can also expedite a claim, as it may prevent you from having drawn-out discussions with insurance companies about who was at fault.

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