Blocking Out Temptation of our Phones

Using a mobile phone is now branded as an “addiction” in some cases and the number of people using their phone behind the wheel continues to rise. People have a constant urge to keep tabs on what people are saying, doing and posting. Using a mobile device whilst driving is both dangerous and illegal yet there are drivers who continue to use their phone despite the well-known risks and consequences.

Car manufacturer Nissan has created a signal-blocking device that supposedly blocks out the temptation of being distracted by our phones whilst driving. The device is installed within one of their latest vehicles and once the phone is placed within the designated compartment no signal can reach the phone. Granted, some drivers are immune to the activity of their smartphone, but this device is intended for those who struggle to ignore the constant notification pings.

Of course, the same effect could be achieved by simply turning a phone off. However, the signal shield prototype is designed to provide drivers with a choice so that they do not need to do this. A possible disadvantage of this prototype is that some of us like to listen to music via our mobile devices. However, USB cables and auxiliary ports will still be accessible and if they disconnect the shield can be opened when it is safe.

Mobile phone usage is a growing concern for the automotive industry and that is why the Nissan Signal Shield concept presents one possible solution, which will help people to focus on the road ahead.