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Basic Preparation tips for Pallet Shipments

Transporting heavy materials often requires more than your average delivery. A pallet is a flat transport unit that can support heavy items and can be used to store a number of items at once. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using pallets as well as how to prepare them for transit.  

The benefits of using pallets

Products can be moved quicker using pallets than if they were to be transported manually. If a pallet is used there is less chance of damage as they are usually moved by a forklift as opposed to people struggling to lift the consignment. 

Pallets are also a cost-effective transport solution. As various items will be shipped together the money that would have been spent on a number of deliveries can be combined into one. Any funds saved can be channeled back into a business or to finance another activity.  

Pallets are much stronger than other shipping containers like a simple box. This strength allows the pallets to have heavier items stacked on them without damage occurring. Pallets are also raised off the ground ensuring that the items on the pallet are not exposed to dirt, debris or water. 

Additionally, pallets are an excellent way to protect and seal goods. This is particularly useful if you’re hoping to transport items that are considered perishable.  

Basic Preparatory Tips

Choosing a pallet

Your pallet should be large enough that the items don’t overhang on the edges. The main reason we would not want your goods to overhang the pallet is to protect your item from damage during transit. You should also ensure that the pallet has been made to take the weight of your items so that the pallet racks do not collapse. 

Pallets are reusable and can often withstand shipment back and forth between a seller and the recipient many times before needing to be repaired or recycled. Before items are loading onto a pallet it is wise to check the condition of the pallet. A pallet should be in good condition with no broken boards.  

Stacking the pallet

Before stacking your pallet, there are a number of steps that you could take to ensure that it reaches its destination in good condition. Any cardboard boxes that are used to package the items should be new, strong and sealed securely. For an extra layer of protection, the box should be lined with packing materials such as bubble wrap.  

When stacking a pallet remember that the heaviest items should be placed at the bottom of the pallet and the lighter items should be on the top. You should stack the boxes in columns so your consignment is supported adequately. To distribute the weight of the load evenly, you can use a slip sheet or pallet liner paper between every third layer. Using a sheet underneath the packages will also protect the bottom layer from any damage. 

Securing the goods

Before the pallet is shipped, the items that will be contained will need to be secured to the pallet properly. Use strapping or banding to ensure the consignment is secure.  

At Speed Couriers, we ship multiple pallets every day and work very hard to ensure your pallet arrives at its destination undamaged. Our fleet enables us to deliver pallets on a day that works for you. Click here for more information.  

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