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Around the world in 80 Hours

Around the world in 80 hours

So you’re sending a parcel to Australia. You package it up safely and pass it onto us where we process it ready for delivery to the airport. But what actually happens then between it leaving your hands and your recipient accepting it? Follow one package’s incredible journey across the globe in just 80 hours.

Checking in

Firstly, we take your parcel to the airport where it’s processed. Your cargo, however large or small, comes with documents which must be filled in to ascertain what it contains (usually a full description of the goods) the value and where it is going. Then it is scanned through security scanners, much like baggage at the airport), secured on the appropriate airline equipment depending which airline it is travelling with and held safely in the cargo shed ready to be taken to the aircraft it will be travelling on.

Loading Up

Loading depends on the type of aircraft your parcel is destined to travel in. If it’s off to the other side of the world in a passenger plane, then it will be accompanied by other items of cargo and the baggage of those on board. If it’s travelling on an aircraft specially designed only to carry cargo then it will be stowed safely in one of the plane’s compartments, sometimes in containers or on pallets.

In Transit

Whilst up in the cabin, air temperature and pressure is controlled nicely for the comfort of passengers, down below in the hold it’s a slightly different story. Unless there are live animals or specialist goods on board (in which case, the same treatment is afforded to them), the hold temperature can vary between 5 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius – so it’s a good idea to consider this depending on what you’re sending and if necessary to mention it to your courier or carrier.

Touch Down

Once your parcel has reached its destination, it will be subject to thorough checks on its entry to Australia. Australia especially has very strict guidelines when it comes to what can and can’t enter the country – so rigorous checks are carried out on all types of cargo.

Déjà vu

Depending on where you’re sending the package, the courier or postal service which delivers your parcel will probably follow a process which is very much the same as the one which saw it arrive at the airport in the first place. If you haven’t arranged for a courier to pick up your parcel and see it safely to its destination separately or as part of a ‘door to door’ package, you’ll need to make sure that the recipient is able to pick it up. It’s important to note that it may be subject to charges and taxes – so take this into account before sending to avoid any nasty surprises.


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