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Are Same-Day Services For You

Are same-day services for you?

Many businesses use couriers to send a variety of items – from important letters and retail goods to stationery and urgent laboratory items. Although there are limitations of course, in most cases you can send an item for delivery the same day, or the very next day if not. You can even select the time as well as the place. So why are more businesses choosing same-day – and how could these services benefit you?


The most obvious reason for selecting a same-day service is urgency. The need to send an item which you can be certain will be safely with its recipient within the next 24 hours at most. Although traditionally many felt same-day was reserved for legal and medical-type shipments, its use in the retail industry has been popularised by companies such as Next and ASOS, who offer a same-day service for damsels in distress without a dress to wear for their big party the same evening.

Customer Satisfaction

Urgency is becoming a greater issue in today’s society – as it’s so easy to purchase with just a few clicks via a smartphone in the palm of our hands. We then expect the same instantaneous efficiency when it comes to delivery – yet this is often the most frustrating part for many shopping online. It’s for this reason that lots of retailers are turning to same-day in addition to next-day to satisfy impatient demand.

Peace of Mind

The great thing about same-day delivery is the lack of waiting around involved – which eliminates any anxiety you may have as an individual or business whilst waiting for your package to send or arrive. Although the same care is afforded to all of our shipments, it’s common for senders to believe that their same-day package will be treated with greater care and attention.


As a non-retail business, how could a same-day service possibly be of advantage? Well, there’s always room for more efficiency. There’s always a moment you wish you had something in the palm of your hand which happens to be at the other end of the country (or on the other side of the continent). Even the smallest items such as letters to debtors or solicitors and urgent stationery orders can make a huge difference if they are at your door (or theirs) in a matter of hours as opposed to days.

Often purchasing decisions are made on the price of an item and the efficiency of the delivery – yet sometimes a cheap product with same-day delivery available at a cost works out as a better value option as opposed to a similarly-priced counterpart with only free economy delivery available.

What about the cost?

Same-day services aren’t as expensive as you might think. Depending of course on the size and nature of your shipment, it generally only works out marginally more expensive than a next-day delivery service. As a retail business or business which uses same-day regularly, it is sometimes possible to offer deals which make same-day almost as competitive as next-day delivery on an ongoing basis.

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