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Another Year of Operating 100% Carbon Neutral

The last few months have seen parts of the globe hit record temperature highs, areas of Europe reached the 50º mark and China saw over 52º. Sadly wildfires were rife in the Greek islands and parts of mainland Europe. Remarkably at the a same time northern Italy saw hailstones the size of squash balls. The signs are irrefutable, climate change is throwing ever more extreme weather at us, the seasons are markedly shifting and the extreme heat, cold, droughts and flooding are becoming ever more ‘normal’. However we and other companies like ours still believe we can make small changes in the way we operate that can make a positive contribution to the state of the environment.

We recently completed our analysis of our Carbon output for the year 2022-2023 and are very pleased to say we have again reached our Carbon Neutral target.

Our carbon credits are invested into a 57MegaWatt onshore wind power project. Wind power is a clean and renewable energy source. It is an abundant and inexhaustible resource, but it also provides electricity without burning any fuel or polluting the air.

Wind continues to be the largest source of renewable power in the UK, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, an area we are always conscious of and the reason we are pushing to invest more in electric and vehicles.

As part of our offsetting program, in partnership with the Royal Forestry Society, we have also planted 369 trees this year, 1 tree for every Tonne of Co2 we have contributed to the environment this year. The trees planted are climate resilient variety, key to maximise carbon drawdown in trees and soil.

Why plant trees? When we nurture our forests and woodland, we are fighting climate change and preventing the loss of key biodiversity. On a humanitarian level we protect workers both in the UK/EU and further afield in indigenous communities around the world.

The reality is forest areas are under attack from illegal logging and other harmful practices around the world. More than 12 million hectares of forest and woodland are lost each year – the rough equivalent of 150 tennis courts every minute.

If you would like to know more about our Carbon Offsetting program and what we are doing to benefit the environment please get in touch HERE.

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