An Unlucky Bin Collection

A student attending the University of Birmingham has had his parcel destroyed after a delivery driver left his order in a wheelie bin. Due to bin strikes, Chris Burden had his bins emptied only once since he started living in his student house back in July.

The strike had finished and after waiting 2 months for their bins to be emptied the students were expectedly relived. However, this relief quickly turned for the worse when they discovered the orange slip informing them where their item was. The item had been placed in the bin. Following their initial shock, the students received another slip letting them know that their second parcel had been left in the recycling bin. Luckily, they were able to retrieve this before the bin men did their rounds.

The road had been covered unemptied bins since June after a dispute between binmen and Birmingham city council. The strikes had been suspended one day before this incident happened. Mr Burden expressed that the strikes would have meant that the item was at no risk of being collected but unfortunately the driver must not have been aware that they had ended. Amazon issued a full refund and arranged for the second parcel to be redelivered.

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