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A brief history of couriers

Ever since mankind first realised that things can be moved from one place to another, we started stealing… no I’m kidding. We began to devise ways of making it easier to transport these things from A to B. These days it is pretty easy, for the vast majority of us, because all it takes is a few mouse clicks and then the magic happens for us.

It is interesting to note however that we are used to seeing bike couriers in our towns, whether they are delivering packages or food. The oldest recorded example of people using couriers is the ancient Egyptians moving some seriously large blocks of stone for the weird rock garden they built.

Things moved on a little from there though…

Animal-based courier services

Camels were used in Australia to transport all sorts of different things like post and parcels over long distances. Sounds like a great idea, and it was, but it stopped around 1929 when railroads were introduced.

In colder climates, dogs and sledges were used as a courier/delivery network. The kinds of places these were used, and sometimes still are, are places like parts of Canada and Alaska where there is sometimes no practical alternative. Dogs were used more frequently between 1890 and 1963 and although rare they can still be used for delivery purposes.

More modern couriers

The whole courier industry exploded thanks to the industrial revolution, it evolved massively after this time as main roads, railways and cars were invented and came into use. With the arrival of modern transportation, it has now become possible to even send a parcel from one side of the world to the in just a single day.

It isn’t just more physical inventions that have propelled the courier industry forward either, the internet has played a huge role. This should be surprising really as it has seeped into every corner of our lives. With online services, you don’t even need to speak to an actual human being at all when booking Speed Courier services.

The last century saw the evolution of courier services seriously speed up. Ever heard of Jim Cassey? Well between 1907 and 1930, he borrowed $100 from his mate which he used to invest in a new messenger startup. We know that company today as UPS, one of the biggest mail and courier companies in the world. TNT was started in a very similar way in 1946 when it first know as K.W. Transport.

The late 60s saw the birth of DHL, which then specialised in document courier services. A few years after that FedEx was formed. What does this explosion tell you? That as economies and consumer needs increased, so did the need for secure and timely delivery of packages. As time and technology moves forwards this need increases inline with it.

Today, the gig economy and the and the consumer need for instant gratification takes on more importance the need for reliable courier services like the ones provided by Speed Couriers goes up. When this is known, and the fact that customers increasingly depend and expect fast and reliable delivery times, then why choose anything else but the best? Get in touch today, and learn why companies and consumers across the country trust us with their valuables.
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